In 2011 we launched HEINNER Home Appliances, the first HEINNER product line. Since then we have remained the same in terms of the quality we offer, but we have dared to bring to the market always new solutions that support the daily challenges of the modern man. The complete range of  HEINNER home appliances comes with the appliances you need from the early hours of the morning when making tea, coffee or natural juices, to the right products for making the tastiest cakes and snacks or for cleaning and caring for your home. All the appliances are ergonomic and easy to use, with the aim of making all your household activities as simple as possible. HEINNER Home Appliances thus goes beyond the kitchen and comes up with efficient solutions for the whole house. Because as we have got you used to, we are there for you in every project, every plan, every dream, whether it starts in the kitchen, the bathroom or the living room.

The year 2014 marked the launch of HEINNER Cooking and HEINNER Tools, an extensive range of cooking products and a range of tools for the home and garden. Because cooking, DIY projects or outdoor activities are old passions that need new solutions.

In 2016, we launched three more product lines, i.e. HEINNER Home, HEINNER Care and HEINNER Art of Dining, all with the main focus on making household tasks more efficient. The first line comes with home textiles, the second with products for cleaning and home maintenance, and the last one brings a range of products especially for dining. Three in one, for your home: decor, cleaning, housekeeping.

No matter what you’re planning, HEINNER has your back. Since we understand that everyone is different and has different needs, the 6 complete product ranges are here to meet every requirement and bring harmony to any home.

Heinner is developed by Network One Distribution

About Network One Distribution

Network One Distribution is the leader of the electro-IT distribution market in Romania, the main partner for the top global electro-IT producers in the Romanian market.

Currently, the company has a network of over 3000 customers and is also an important supplier of the local retail networks. The NOD offer includes an extensive range of IT&C products from components, peripherals and accessories, to integrated infrastructure and software services, but also products from new market segments.

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